Monday, January 23, 2017

Magic around the corner.

As my new car crosses the sea I traced the ship as it passes Colombo

Cranes building cranes in College Green

Look at this for sharp practice less cider and lower alcohol content..Same price though.

As the sign on the back of Murphys crane "Satisfaction with every erection"

Back to work with a bang and its hard to get back into your pace.
In a few weeks my car will arrive just in time for my return from the Blackpool magic convention.
This year will be great click here Most of the acts will not be known but the FISM  European championships will be held so there will be girls jumping into and out of boxes, doves coming and going and huge puffs of smoke.

Remember this guy.
 He worked in Circus all his life.
Now he has an act you could travel the world with.

I too eat porridge every day summer and winter. it is a great food.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Taxi driver wake up. The world owes you nothing.

When I came back from Budapest I got into a taxi at Dublin airport and ruffled the drivers feathers straight away by showing him the way to go home. I hate when taxi drivers take you the scenic route, for myself I love to be told which way they want to go, no hassle either way for me.
He had worked for the Evening Press a paper which closed down around 20 years ago.
Since then he has driven a taxi and hates it and the world.
That will not help him one iota.
He slowed down at green lights hoping they would turn amber.I pulled him up on it and told him that he was creating a negative image of himself. As quick as a could I started to put ideas his way.
"Did you ever think of HailO" I don't like to pay them 12%
"12% of a hundred is better to pay than 100% of nothing"
He was pissed off because he had been waiting at the airport for 2 1/2 hours..
"Yet you paid €420 for the airport taxi pass?"
I bet there was work in town

There would be no victory for this guy.
"Get up at 5.30 and get a few early morning jobs under your belt."
Everything was a no no no

So at journeys end I got out and while he stays in the car.
I closed the boot and then he had to get out to be paid.
When I give him €5.60 tip he nearly fell over.
Some day he might waken up.

Here you are two big lessons in life

 I often knock once on the table and ask them "Whats That?"

Thats opportunity and it dosent knock twice..

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The BIG money is in Dublin Today

Live now and borrow..
George Bernard Shaw

Google here in Dublin

                             This is a very severe fine for having your bin out on the wrong day

Irish people are a strange race.
A girl from Switzerland in the taxi went mad when I spoke about the weather.
"What is it with you Irish! Every 5 minutes the weather changes and you are surprised like it has never happened before!!!!
Accept it. You don't live in California...Get over it!!
There is no point in taking someone like this on for sure.
You would be killed.

So today there is a big event on in Dublin.
Its the aircraft leasing and financing Pow Wow and it is a really big event.
I have a pile of books to read when I get time and one of them is called "Crash landing"
It is about a guy called Tony Ryan who started an aircraft leasing company called GPA
Guinness Peat Aviation was the worlds first global aircraft leasing company, then they had a huge financial crash to the ground when their shares collapsed owing to a few unforeseen circumstances.
Tony Ryan was in a bad way then when a young accountant who worked for him helped him to hold on to his home. The accountant bought a shop in Terenure and was working hard when Tony Ryan saw an opportunity.
An airline in the USA called South West Airways (I Think) had a model for cheap travel and Tony thought this might take off.
He approached his young accountant friend to have a look.
Almost a battle followed between Tony Ryan and Michael O'Leary and the famous words to Tony Ryan from O'Leary was..
"This will never work, I'm going back to my shop"
What do you know a thing called the internet came along..
Just at that moment
Now today Ryanair is the biggest airline in Europe.

I like storys about people taking a big hit and coming back better than ever.

One night on Fitzwilliam Sq. there was an E class Merc broken down.
It was brand new not even registered.
I asked my passenger if he wouldn't mind if I gave the other driver a shove.
I asked the owner if he had run out of petrol as the car was brand new.
He cursed the heap of shite and told me that if I gave him my keys of my car he would give me the new car as a swap.

"Its a total heap of crap! I am bringing it back"
But they won't just take it back I said.
He said that they will take it back from me for sure.

When the planets line up in a certain way things happen, if one planet has moved a different outcome follows.
"Can you take me home?"
"Sorry I have someone on board" I said
50 yards further on the passenger said.  
"Do you know who that was? 

That was Tony Ryan"

As I say the stars were not lined up for me that night, or I would have said "Jump in and I will take you both home".
Perhaps the next time   

One of the guys in the taxi from the aircraft leasing seminar told me that wherever you go in the world China, Argentina, Timbuktu or Australia you will hear an Irish accent.

"Its what you guys do, you lease aircraft"

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I was in Budapest and I came home wiser.

You buy the smallest thing and it costs hundreds.

Look at the quality of the buildings.

Tour buses, the staff accost you in the street, like hustlers outside a bad restaurant.

The Danube which flows through Budapest. Frozen solid for the first few days.

I went to Budapest to have my teeth fixed, this clinic advertises on the radio constantly, so I said I would give it a try.
The first trip they assessed the work to be done and took out a couple of teeth and sent me home with temporary dentures and told me to come back in around 8 weeks.
When I came back they said that I hadn't had 2 teeth extracted in Dublin, which they had instructed me to do!!!
When did you tell me that? I asked.
It was in the letter we gave you going back.
They wanted me to go back home there and then but I persuaded them to take out the offending teeth which they did.
Back home again and then they wanted me back in the weeks just before Christmas.
No way would a taxi driver give up the busiest time of the year, so we scheduled the visit for now.
Four weeks were set aside.
I would have a Hollywood smile and no dentures by now..
Then after another Xray and a 3D scan came the news
The jawbone is not dense enough to support the implants..and even the top jaw where they had put in a socket could not be guaranteed.
Then they pulled out about 7 teeth and when the gums were swollen the took an impression and gave me dentures.
The dentures wobble around and hurt me.
So I am at home, this is the second Ryanair flight I had to buy last minute, not a cheap proposition.

On the way home I spoke to 4 other guys from Dublin.

None of them were happy.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

New dawn new year

A wonderful dawn for a new year.

 I was passing this wonderful sight when I remembered that you miss all the photos you don't take.

I hope you made it through without any crashes or breakdowns mechanical or physical.

So now for me I am finally off to Budapest in Hungary for the guts of the month. I am getting my teeth done and I have some doubts, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

For taxi drivers who do not have a dashcam looking forwards and backwards
Look at this. Get a Hi deff one.

A few years ago I had something happen but when I tried to contact the Garda only to find that no help came.
Then on another occasion a girl was being trafficked and I hit a no response again.

This story will waken you up. I found it again.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 1916 Christmas 2016

And how was it for you?
Bizzy bizzy for nearly everyone.
It is amazing how people migrate right across the world for the festive season.
One little girl in the taxi was heading across to Israel, the site of the happening.

Hotels and restaurants were flat out doing special dinners for staff outings.
If people thought about having the staff outing in mid January on February the restaurants would give them a much better deal.
As for travel you could go later at half the price.
But all creeds have their festivals and travel is a big part of everything.

Christmas day is a day when I go out and do a few jobs. There are a good number of poor people who don't have cars and they are going to visit graves and grannies who enjoy the special day.
On St.Stephens day on the North Circular Rd a row was going on and the entire belongings of a girls life were strewn across the road, I drove into a filling station and bought plastic refuse sacks.
My plan was to load the things up and take her to Apollo House which has been occupied by homeless people.
Just as I was coming back I got a HailO call, a short one so when I arrived the situation had cooled down. As I looked over a police car pulled up and though there was still a good bit of personal belongings strewn around the Garda stayed in the car for a full minute before driving off.
I know that there are good police, but the useless ones need a good kick in the arse.
Another came down from the direction of Mountjoy station, turned down the wrong road and was gone.
Then the girl came out and she was in a hell of a mess, crying and showing her midriff and no coat.
No words were spoken apart from the destination "Christchurch"
The kid was not much more than 16 if she was even that old.
I told her to keep the taxi fare the man had given her and I hope it didn't go on drugs.
I had a son who went wild. He was much younger and it took a few years to get him help.
One "Family therapy group" told us that we were worrying for no reason, he was a city boy and knew his way around. He really took charge then.
I went back to the therapy group and offered to take them around the city between 10 pm and 2 am to show them what goes on.
They declined.
I then asked that a more senior person look at the session to show them how they had undermined our authority.
A 14 year old person should not be running wild for 2 or 3 days at a time.
Strange to say that session "had not been recorded"
A prison officer and youth worked spoke to him for 3 hours, no change for a few days then he worked his way back to us.

The other video of Gerry Lynch is gone
 Here is the man himself.
No doubt that song will bring a tear to many en eye, from Gaza to the Bronx

Have a wonderful 2017

Monday, December 19, 2016

Must be Christmas time

There is no stopping it now. Only 6 days to go.

I find it all a bit much, people drinking too much etc.
In the papers I read of 2 cases involving murder suicide involving children.

So from now on we will all start to make the world a far better place by starting in our own corner and working outwards.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Lucky day

The scrap yards are full, don't add your car

Elvis singing in the new year, I can't wait

Liffey Valley Christmas tree.

Driving as many miles as I do in heavy Dublin traffic I have to be lucky all the time.
Like winning the lottery every time I buy a ticket. But we cannot afford to mess up.
Coming from Shirreff St through the 5 lamps I took the inside lane to turn at Killarney St.
A cop on a motorbike stopped me and read the 20 questions, pausing to say to my passenger
"What are you smiling about? Theirs a €60 fine for you for you for not wearing your seat belt !.
Then he asked me how many years I had been driving?
A move like you just did..BANG and your no claims bonus is gone.
"Cop yourself on "
He jumped on his motorbike and was gone.
He had made his point and all the cars who had seen what happened were gone.
Lucky day.

Then on Sunday I drove for an hour for nothing and was turning for home when I was hailed from the street in Ballsbridge.
Ashbourne (A €50 job) A wonderful tired lady going home.
Then when I turned for home again I decided to go via Swords and I turned on the HailO app and bang I got a job to Dublin Airport.
Then I headed towards Northbrook and I got 3 lady's and a guy heading to a town further on than Manooth ! The girls were in pajamas and dying and the party must have put the dying days of Sodom and Gomorrah in the shade. One chided the other about who she had slept with the night before.
I won't fill you in but when we arrived at the store at 12.30 (Which was supposed to be opened at 11.00) A large group of men were assembled and photographed the girls in their pajamas as they got out of the taxi, the waiting men cheered and took photographs.

A handy€100 + in an empty few minutes 
Still if you do not make money now you are sunk for the period after Christmas where there is no work.."The herring days"
Not much else to report except that I was almost home when a Phillipena girl asked me to to take her to Ballsbridge for a job interview in the Intercontinental hotel.
She is illegal, been here 5 years.
Imagine not being able to go home knowing that a tap on the shoulder might come any day and you would be kicked out.
Trump needs a good kick on the ass to make him see sense as well.
She rang me later, she got the new job !