Monday, September 26, 2016

Ready to rock and roll for another year

Your taxi license has to be renewed every year, to do this you have to get a tax clearance cert,Then the car has to do its NCT test then you get it passed out if everything comes up to the mark.
It all adds up and in the middle of it all the bank stopped my credit card. "Unusual activity" .
I had to go over all transactions over the last 6 weeks.
By the way if you are going abroad tell them, I had my card stopped in New York and its all cards there.

But I know that there are fake taxis around, we have an app here in Dublin called "Driver check"
You put in the reg or the roof sign number and you get the driver details. Often it comes back blank, or a completely different driver.
In the good old days one enterprising person cloned his car 30 or more times, they were rented out.
They were all lifted and brought in to Dublin castle yard.
The brains behind the operation fled off to Spain as far as I can remember.

As far as I am concerned anyone driving a taxi
For everyone's safety.
In Spain you have to have lived there for 6 or so years. Have a crime free background. Be fluent in Spanish and have a full Spanish driving license, then you do the taxi test and off you go.

If someone is driving a taxi and he is not the named driver or is not qualified to drive a taxi he should be taken off the road and arrested. Then the car should be crushed because it was not being driven by a qualified driver therefore it is not insured for purpose.
In England they are still in shock about a taxi driver who may have murdered 8 women.
I don't want things to get any worse than it is already.

I had a customer whose sister was put into hospital and her partner finished up in a coma for 6 weeks,the car crashed between Sutton and the Airport at Christmas time , the driver was foreign and knew nothing about driving on ice.
The girl told me that they never got a penny as the driver was driving his brothers taxi.
But I know you can claim from the insurance beuro.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

I was in the Netherlands

    Philips lands on earth
 Philips museum
 Philips advertising
Worlds first word processor?.

I was in Holland for 2 weeks, for the second time in 6 months, missing the bus strike and the bad weather.
Eindhoven  is where Philips grew and employed thousands of people.
The products they developed were life changing.
First in the world with many products.
Then the bean counters came in and sold off all the wonderful ideas and left the shell that once was Philips.
That's life as the French say.

Things work well in Holland. When you consider more than 1/3 of the land is under sea level.
The network of canals and dykes which keep the sea out is amazing.
The people are slim and tall, many of the young people are 6ft 8 or 9.
The Dutch went all over the world to trade even the name New Zealand comes from the Zealand sea.

So tomorrow I must pass out my car and renew my license.

No rest for the wicked

Monday, September 12, 2016

Childrens special day out tomorrow

 JFK Will greet you from his statue in New Ross
 A fine photo (Not mine)
 This young lady is a rising star. Her name is Aoife McAuley Stamp and her band
Identity Theft can be found on Facebook  and YouTube
This is the new lock which prevents the robber from snapping off the front of the lock.

not that much going on but a really interesting person got into my taxi on Sunday.
She was going 75 meters, still a job is a job.
Did you ever see someone who had spent a fortune turning back the clock?
This was her, no facial expression what so ever. But she hadn't had the lips done.
So at journeys end the fare was €4.10.
She looked and looked. I had come around to help her out of the car and in her handbag I saw something that I only noticed many years ago. A lot more than €2 million  in her bag.
One inch thick wads of €500.€100. €200 and €50s
I told her that we should go to have a god time. "Its not my money" she said.
Madam I am an honest person, for Gods sake get a money belt, don't carry cash like that in your bag, split it up into different pockets.
When I helped her across the road I noticed that she had the most fantastic pair of breasts that you could imagine.

It is really sad.
This has to be hot money in the hands of a very ill person.
If she looses it she is dead.
If she delivers it the operations to turn back time continue.

The last time I saw that it was an Italian girl and her whole face had reacted to her surgery.
She really frightened me,but you could see that once she was really very beautiful. She wore a huge fur coat with a hood which was probably worth more than my house.
I remember telling her that I hoped that things would work out.

Vanity is an awful flaw.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11 15 years on

We all remember where we were on that awful day when it happened15 years ago today.
We pray for the dead and the injured.

Yet 15 years further on we still do not fully understand what caused all this to come to pass.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

A bus strike.

          An interesting house in Rathmines
            Balloons for all occasions
           The lake hotel Killarney
                    South wall Dublin harbor
                            I hope you make it to Kerry some day

Taxi drivers make their fortune at other peoples misfortune.

The buses are on strike from 9 PM tonight.

They are off  tomorrow for 48 hours, its tough all right.

But if you lived in France you would know all about strikes.

Today I picked up a Brazilian girl going from James's St to St Vincents hospital a journey of around €20. Brazilian people are always happy and she was no exception, a great talker and a pleasure to be in her company.
Nearing journeys end I asked her if she was a nurse in the hospital, she said no that she was visiting her doctor.
She has had rheumatoid arthritis since she was 9 years old constant pain and stiffness all her life. With no cure in sight.

I have good health and no sign of that changing.

Thank your God for the little things.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

A busy weekend ahead

      A tricky photo shoot 
The Christmas pantomime is coming

This morning in Dublin at 5.30 am God produced a sight for me.
The sky had more than 1000 colors and the sky was what they call a "Buttermilk Sky"
Turner painted sunrises and sunsets, the picture above is one of his.

Perhaps there is a future for mankind.

I hope so.

So the weekend brings Electric picnic Then American Football Georgia College and Georgia Tec
Well if that was not enough already we have the All Ireland hurling final.

I went for my car test but it failed because of a faulty CV joint, it is fixed now.

So on the other hand Apple they reckon owes us €13 billion in tax.
No No No the government says we will appeal the judgment.
The clown that allowed Brussels to crucify us when the banking crisis came have once again been proved as a shower of idiots.

Michiel O'Leary Ceo of Ryanair once said

"This country will never prosper as long as the people who live there continue to elect the village idiot to power". 
He is right. 
They are all a total waste of space.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Evil walks amongst us.

This week in County Cavan a father killed his wife, his three children before killing himself.
He left a note, but it will never explain why he could put his wife and children through such horror.
They were both school teachers.
Everyone is numb with shock.

Sadly this kind of thing is becoming more frequent.

In New Mexico there was the most horrific murder I ever came across a 9 year old girl on the eve of her 10th birthday was injected with crystal meth raped killed and dismembered, her mother and the mothers boyfriend are accused.

We have to be more aware of the evil that stalks our land.

Say a prayer as you wait for the green light for the innocent lives taken from us.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

A job out of the blue


     Flower display at the Westbury hotel
   Christmas is coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 A photo of the Lyons estate.

I am not a patient man, if the rank is not moving I move instead.
Sometimes straight to a job right on the street.
So it was the other day on the street "Celbridge, the Lyons estate".
I drove off knowing that my breakfast would have to wait for another hour.
That is a horrible photo above of a really kick ass house Click here

So one night years ago a guy was pushing an E class Merc in Fitzwilliam Sq.
I had a man in the taxi and I told the guy that we should help the poor man.
We pushed the car into the curb. I said what a really fantastic car while my passenger looked at him like a rabbit would look at a fox. I looked inside it and it was luxury to the highest standard.
"What a beautiful car" I said
Give me you keys and you can have it. It is a load of crap.
Three times it has broken down and I am leaving it here for them to take away.
They won't just take it back you know I said.
They will take that heap of crap back from me I can assure you.

So the moment came. "Will you take me home?"
I had a passenger on board so I foolishly said I was occupied.
20 yards down the road the passenger said. 
"That was Tony Ryan"
Tony invented aircraft leasing, there is a book about his first downfall called "crash landing"
Its well worth reading.
But then he rose from the ashes to become "Ryanair" Europe's biggest airline.

Still opportunities come and sometimes you hit them spot on. 
Chuck Feeney  once got into my taxi and who he was and what he had done in his life has inspired me ever since then.
Imagine inventing  Duty Free Shopping

Then that magical meeting with Stephen Spielberg.
When I asked him why his face was familiar all he said was "No I am no one famous, but I have that kind of face."  Then he came on TV to say Hi John !
"Thanks for looking after me, I look forward to meeting you again"

Who will be next?
A junkie?
A robber?
A film star?

Or perhaps it will be you??
I hope so, you seem like an interesting person.